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Italian food store and others?

2007-10-20 21:00 #0 av: deia

Does anybody know an italian food butik/market around Stockholm, Uppsala, Södertäljer, Eskilstuna?

Please, I need to know the adress because I need to buy Panettone for Christmas.

And also stores of especial produkts (emulgeringsmedel, surhetsreglerande medel, konserveringsmedel, etc) for making ice cream and bread?

Thanks for any help. 



2007-10-20 22:21 #1 av: Anne

Panettone can be found in many places - like my local Ica Maxi. There's not really an Italian deli though - but any of the large food halls should have Panettone near christmas, and many bakeries as well. NK-hallen should also be a safe bet.


I've never seen emulgeringsmedel for sale, but surhetsreglerande medel is usually just citronsyra (lemon acid) and konserveringsmedel is generally just sold and used for jam. You can find those in any supermarket. I've never heard of adding any of those to homemade ice cream or bread though.

2007-10-21 20:44 #2 av: deia

Thanks, Anne. I'll check in Ica Maxi.

2007-11-19 16:54 #3 av: deia

I found a very good and cheap(BAULI - Kr 89,00/ 750 g) panettone  in Hötorgshallen. You can find the traditional with fruits or a new one with champaine cream, both are very taste and I bought 5 of each just to be sure I'll have it for some time.Skrattande

But be careful because they are trying to cheat with a Chile's Easter bread which is not panettone. Panettone comes in a paper box.

Also I found panettone for an absurd price in a rich shopping center in Stockholm, close to the central train station. No way to pay that price!!! It's very taste, but it's still only a bread.Förvånad

See the pictures. 



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